Design the Life you Love

Hi everyone! My name is Kelly and this is my first blog post ever! Wooo I did it! I’m so nervous and excited at the same time haha!

I’ll start off by giving you a little background about myself. I was born in New Jersey, grew up in Pennsylvania, lived in Boston for 3 years, and now I’m back currently residing in Jersey. Why did I jump from state to state you ask? My family moved to PA when I was young. Growing up in Pennsylvania gave me a lot of great memories, but I was looking for something different in my life at the time; a sense of independence and new beginning. So I found a job within my company and shipped myself off to Boston. I met some pretty great people up there and definitely have made some lifelong friendships. I must say I gained a lot of inspiration from a number of different people living up in Boston. From watching Boston Marathoners run by and raising money for great causes and charities, to gaining the motivation to work on what I’m passionate about; design.

I love to be active, play sports especially softball, and yes I will say it, I’m a fan of all Philly teams especially Eagles and Phillies. I’m an outgoing, friendly person who is also a homebody and very family oriented. I am the oldest of three: one brother and one sister. Being 5 hours from home when I lived in Boston was very tough. I missed out on a few life events with family and friends back home and I also was maintaining a long distance relationship dating a Jersey Boy. My promotion within my company couldn’t have come at a better time. I was promoted into a new role within my company’s New Jersey office. This led me to move back closer to family, friends, and my boyfriend. I was excited to start my next chapter in life and obtain my Jersey Girl status.

So why am I starting this blog? Another great question! I went to school for marketing and took a class after college in graphic design and really enjoyed it. I created a poster design in this class which was chosen to represent the local food and wine festival in town. It was used to advertise the event, along with it being used as the cover of all the programs. I felt like a celebrity haha! That class gave me the confidence to continue to design. Although I’ve been a little rusty and haven’t created much in the past few years, I decided to come up with ways to build my portfolio. After much thought and discussion with friends and family, I thought it would be fun to create cards and invitations. There are plenty of different occasions for a card and invite, so I’ll be taking you along some fun events that will include some of my creations. I might mix it up from time to time with some thoughts around design, art, marketing, things I have learned, and ways to stay motivated and attain your healthy living throughout all the hustle and bustle. As I’m sure most of you all know how precious life really is, so let’s make the most of it! I hope you enjoy this journey with me!



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