Father’s Day

Father’s Day: a day dedicated to dads. My dad is a sports lover who will remember every single stat of every sport you played and he will constantly remind you of his proudest moments. He’s also a good storyteller to where he might even tell you the same story more than once haha. For example, how my dad met my mom. He was umping my mom’s softball game and my mom hit a single and was called out by my dad. That was where it all started. I believe my dad also ended up keeping the stats ironically enough for his uncle who coached my mom’s softball team. Another story I remember was where he mistakenly had a goal playing soccer. Basically the soccer ball was a line drive pass to him that ended up hitting his hip and surprisingly went right into the goal to win the game. Of course, my dad would be telling these stories way better and I’m sure I may have missed a few details lol. Now, I’m sure there were times where I was younger and rolled my eyes and said yes dad I remember or you told me this story already haha, but sometimes you don’t realize how nice it is to walk down memory lane and reminisce on some good moments or funny stories. It is definitely his way to connect with our family and to really hold on to those great memories. Gotta love him for bringing the past to life every so often.

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This past Sunday was Father’s Day, which turned out to have really nice weather. I was able to go back home to PA to spend the day with my parents. Since the sun was out, we decided to hang by the pool to soak up some rays and float around a little. We then decided to get a bite to eat at a local restaurant where we had some good seafood for dinner. The night ended with a nice bike ride around the neighborhood and some frozen yogurt. Can’t go wrong there. It was a nice day spent catching up with my parents.

I made a card for my dad for Father’s Day. I went with a memorable picture of us dancing at my friends wedding. I ended up having to edit the photo a little as it was taken through a phone and the quality wasn’t really up to par. I played around in Photoshop and utilized the curves layer and added another layer for the vignette to focus the photo on my dad and I. As I was creating the card, I started adding other elements. The more elements I added the more I realized simplicity was the way to go. The main typography utilized was Didot, which I thought came out fairly well since it looked like 2 different fonts between the first and second pages of the card. My dad loved it and was very touched just like my mom was when receiving her card. Success! Woohoo!



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