What we all want in life is to travel, fall in love, and be happy.

It has been a long time since my last blog post that is for sure! Summer definitely flew by but it was filled with great adventures visiting friends and family along with a couple of weddings to top off the end of the season. My boyfriend Eric and I have also been dating for 2 years this past July so that called for another card to create! I made him an anniversary card walking down memory lane of our first weekend getaway to Martha’s Vineyard. It was a great weekend filled with delicious food, kayaking, and roaming around the island finding our own fun.

The card I created was sentimental and had pictures of Martha’s Vineyard that were taken that weekend. I also added hearts and anchors as symbols of our love and of course got mushy and added a few words of my own.


Eric and I had a big trip planned mid-September, which gave us something to look forward to after the summer was dying down. We took a trip to Munich, Germany and Paris, France. It was such an amazing vacation away from the real world everyday life! Some highlights were attending Oktoberfest and dressing up as the Germans do for this big festival. We got super lucky getting into the tent where the Mayor taps the first keg as a celebratory opening. We met some German friends to sit with and danced, sang, drank, and of course ate a lot of bratwurst. Justin Bieber’s song, “Despacito” was a favorite american jam for the Germans which was funny to here multiple times that day. Haha! It was a memorable moment in Munich with experiencing many of their traditions. Other highlights of Munich were visiting their brewery the Hofbrauhaus, and taking a day to tour the Neuschwanstein Castle which has some beautiful views.

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Paris, France was just as fun and had plenty of places to tour and visit. Some of the best highlights of France were obviously the Eiffel Tower, especially seeing it at night was an awesome view. We climbed 422 steps up to the top of Notre Dame, which gave such an amazing view of the city. The amount of history that Paris contains was so interesting to learn more about. Another favorite spot was taking a bike tour around the Palace of Versailles. We biked around the palace gardens and had a nice picnic for lunch before going in to tour the inside of the palace. The Catacombs of Paris was an interesting and creepy to tour as well with the amount of bones and scary stories and legends that were told throughout our walk down under the city of Paris. As far as the food, we were particularly a fan of the onion soup, which is better known as “French Onion Soup” in America. We decided to try onion soup at each place we ate at to decipher which one tasted the best. We ended up trying about 7 different soups. The best one that we tasted was the first one at Café De La Paix. It had the right amount of seasoning, thickness, onion, bread, and cheese. Not sure if it was the long day of travel that made this soup taste so good, or the complimentary glass of champagne and baguette to go with it haha! Either way it tasted delicious!

Take a look at some of our photos from our memorable trip!

“Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite.”

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Father’s Day

Father’s Day: a day dedicated to dads. My dad is a sports lover who will remember every single stat of every sport you played and he will constantly remind you of his proudest moments. He’s also a good storyteller to where he might even tell you the same story more than once haha. For example, how my dad met my mom. He was umping my mom’s softball game and my mom hit a single and was called out by my dad. That was where it all started. I believe my dad also ended up keeping the stats ironically enough for his uncle who coached my mom’s softball team. Another story I remember was where he mistakenly had a goal playing soccer. Basically the soccer ball was a line drive pass to him that ended up hitting his hip and surprisingly went right into the goal to win the game. Of course, my dad would be telling these stories way better and I’m sure I may have missed a few details lol. Now, I’m sure there were times where I was younger and rolled my eyes and said yes dad I remember or you told me this story already haha, but sometimes you don’t realize how nice it is to walk down memory lane and reminisce on some good moments or funny stories. It is definitely his way to connect with our family and to really hold on to those great memories. Gotta love him for bringing the past to life every so often.

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This past Sunday was Father’s Day, which turned out to have really nice weather. I was able to go back home to PA to spend the day with my parents. Since the sun was out, we decided to hang by the pool to soak up some rays and float around a little. We then decided to get a bite to eat at a local restaurant where we had some good seafood for dinner. The night ended with a nice bike ride around the neighborhood and some frozen yogurt. Can’t go wrong there. It was a nice day spent catching up with my parents.

I made a card for my dad for Father’s Day. I went with a memorable picture of us dancing at my friends wedding. I ended up having to edit the photo a little as it was taken through a phone and the quality wasn’t really up to par. I played around in Photoshop and utilized the curves layer and added another layer for the vignette to focus the photo on my dad and I. As I was creating the card, I started adding other elements. The more elements I added the more I realized simplicity was the way to go. The main typography utilized was Didot, which I thought came out fairly well since it looked like 2 different fonts between the first and second pages of the card. My dad loved it and was very touched just like my mom was when receiving her card. Success! Woohoo!


“You just have to get started.”

So I thought this photo was very fitting for the topic I was planning on discussing. No I didn’t go to Harvard Law School haha. My brother came up to visit me while I was living in Boston with my cousin and friend during Memorial Day Weekend back in 2015. We were Harvard Graduate Wannabes haha and took plenty of pictures around the beautiful campus. It was definitely a fun weekend.


Today I came across an article about Mark Zuckerberg giving the commencement speech at Harvard years after dropping out and creating Facebook. It definitely grabbed my attention as most of us know the story behind Mr. Zuckerberg’s success. They created a movie about it if you don’t know haha. I was curious to read further about his story and inspirational advice he would give to the class of 2017. He himself, years later, received a Doctorate of Laws from Harvard that day.

There were definitely a few things that Mark Zuckerberg said during his speech that really stuck with me today and I thought I would share and provide some motivation to the rest of this short work week. Zuckerberg talks about the meaning of purpose throughout his speech. He says, “Purpose is that sense that we are part of something bigger than ourselves, that we are needed, that we have something better ahead to work for. Purpose is what creates true happiness.” We are in a world that promotes an entrepreneurial culture and the want and need of having a solid purpose in life. He goes on to say, “But it’s not enough to have purpose yourself. You have to create a sense of purpose for others.” Making an impact and giving back to others is very important. Whether it’s volunteering your time or donating and fundraising for charities. That can be your purpose or your big impact in life. Purpose is not just about making money.

Another line that stuck with me from Zuckerberg’s commencement speech was, “Ideas don’t come out fully formed. They only become clear as you work on them. You just have to get started.” So many people are afraid to fail and that is what keeps them stagnant and nothing new every gets experimented with. I recently read a quote from Paul Coelho. He writes, “There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.” I will admit, I have that fear of failing. I consider myself a perfectionist. It is definitely a weakness of mine that I’m trying to overcome. I’ve slowly learned that in order to get where you want to be, you need to take risks and push yourself out of your comfort zone. Otherwise, your goals will amount to nothing. I’ve been told you need to learn to walk the talk. No more talking and more doing. Eventually, I pushed myself to gradually start doing and I must say, it feels great! The feeling of moving forward and progressing towards your goals is an already great sense of accomplishment.

Lastly, I’ll leave you with another inspiring quote from Mark Zuckerberg. “Let’s do big things, not only to create progress, but to create purpose.” Purpose full of meaningful projects, giving back to others, and building a community. Let’s motivate ourselves to be the best we can be this week!

If you are interested in reading more on Mark Zuckerberg’s commencement speech, please visit the link below.


Mother’s Day Weekend

Mother’s Day was last Sunday and I was lucky enough to have had the chance to spend a great weekend with my family. Moms are always the best! My mom is the rock of our family. She has provided all of us with so much strength and support, I don’t know what we would do without her.

Below is the card I made for my mom for Mother’s Day. It was a tear jerker for her so I always see that as a success haha. Whenever there are tears involved, you know the card really meant something to her. I picked a flowery theme for the card because “A mother is like a flower. Each one is beautiful and unique.”  I was happy how the card came out especially since I was rushed to find the specific paper that I wanted this to be printed on. I was very limited in my findings at Staples, but I went with a more textured paper and I felt like it brought my design to life a little more.



Mother’s Day weekend was filled with my sister’s graduation, great conversation, good food and of course good wine. My sister graduated college with a degree in psychology, moving on to get her masters. It was a proud day for everyone to say the least. My mom said she felt like she graduated too haha! It was definitely a big accomplishment and milestone for my sister. After graduation, we all hung around, ate dinner, and played some card games. Sunday rolled around and mom called the shots of what we were doing that day. We enjoyed the day by grabbing some brunch at a local diner, walking around some outdoor shops, and grilling some dinner with the nice weather we were having. Overall, great weekend to be had!

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Design the Life you Love

Hi everyone! My name is Kelly and this is my first blog post ever! Wooo I did it! I’m so nervous and excited at the same time haha!

I’ll start off by giving you a little background about myself. I was born in New Jersey, grew up in Pennsylvania, lived in Boston for 3 years, and now I’m back currently residing in Jersey. Why did I jump from state to state you ask? My family moved to PA when I was young. Growing up in Pennsylvania gave me a lot of great memories, but I was looking for something different in my life at the time; a sense of independence and new beginning. So I found a job within my company and shipped myself off to Boston. I met some pretty great people up there and definitely have made some lifelong friendships. I must say I gained a lot of inspiration from a number of different people living up in Boston. From watching Boston Marathoners run by and raising money for great causes and charities, to gaining the motivation to work on what I’m passionate about; design.

I love to be active, play sports especially softball, and yes I will say it, I’m a fan of all Philly teams especially Eagles and Phillies. I’m an outgoing, friendly person who is also a homebody and very family oriented. I am the oldest of three: one brother and one sister. Being 5 hours from home when I lived in Boston was very tough. I missed out on a few life events with family and friends back home and I also was maintaining a long distance relationship dating a Jersey Boy. My promotion within my company couldn’t have come at a better time. I was promoted into a new role within my company’s New Jersey office. This led me to move back closer to family, friends, and my boyfriend. I was excited to start my next chapter in life and obtain my Jersey Girl status.

So why am I starting this blog? Another great question! I went to school for marketing and took a class after college in graphic design and really enjoyed it. I created a poster design in this class which was chosen to represent the local food and wine festival in town. It was used to advertise the event, along with it being used as the cover of all the programs. I felt like a celebrity haha! That class gave me the confidence to continue to design. Although I’ve been a little rusty and haven’t created much in the past few years, I decided to come up with ways to build my portfolio. After much thought and discussion with friends and family, I thought it would be fun to create cards and invitations. There are plenty of different occasions for a card and invite, so I’ll be taking you along some fun events that will include some of my creations. I might mix it up from time to time with some thoughts around design, art, marketing, things I have learned, and ways to stay motivated and attain your healthy living throughout all the hustle and bustle. As I’m sure most of you all know how precious life really is, so let’s make the most of it! I hope you enjoy this journey with me!